Necrotic Gnome Productions is an old-school publisher specialising in flesh-warping, dank fungi, neural manipulation, mossy forests, forbidden rituals, fairy kingdoms, crystal resonance, and lost pathways.


  1. Hi, I recently received the B/X Essentials books from RPGNow. I also bought Wormskin 1and 2. These are great books, great quality. But I’m bummed cause the first three pages of the Cleric and Magic User Spell book are swapped with the first three pages of the Core Rules book. Is there a way we can correct this?

    1. Hi Chuck, sorry for the delay in response! You're talking about the print editions, right? The best thing to do is contact RPGNow support. They're really good about replacing books that are damaged / have printing errors.

      Glad you're enjoying the books, otherwise!

  2. RPGNow took care of the issue. I received my replacement books today. Looking forward to more books in this series. Thanks.