Dolmenwood News!

The last few months have been so dominated with Old-School Essentials that I've not said much (or indeed thought much!) about Dolmenwood. But with work on OSE now reaching the final stages (yeah! -- see here for more info on the current state of affairs), my mind is returning to the fetid swamps and shroom-encrusted groves of everyone's favourite enchanted forest.

A couple of little updates on what's happening in the weird world of Dolmenwood...

The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell

Following on from the critically acclaimed Winter's Daughter, we have another Dolmenwood adventure module coming up! It's a module that I've spoken of now and then in the past, as it's been bubbling away in the background for some time. Here's some info:

  • Name: The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell
  • System: Old-school and 5e versions
  • Author: Yves Geens
  • Editor: Gavin Norman
  • Layout: Gavin Norman
  • 5e conversion: Thilo Graf
  • Cover art: Mish Scott
  • Cartography: Spaghetti Quester
  • Interior art: Spaghetti Quester
  • Format: A5 (roughly US Digest size), sewn-binding hardcover
  • Publication date (hopefully): December 2019

I've started work on the layout, but haven't had the chance to make much progress on it recently (for obvious reasons). However, once Old-School Essentials is in the capable hands of the manufacturer, I'll jump full throttle onto finishing up Blackeswell.

I hope to be able to launch it at Dragonmeet in London this year. (And of course it'll be available for purchase online as well, for those unfortunate lost souls whose paths do not lead to Dragonmeet.)

I'm sure I'll be posting more updates about this adventure once I get working on it again properly, but in the meantime here's a preview of the wondrous cover, with art by (ENnie award nominated!) Mish Scott.

Peacefully gathering specimens in a fungus-ravaged village. What could possibly go wrong?

The Dolmenwood Campaign Book

Once Blackeswell is finished, the full might of Necrotic Gnome will be focused resolutely on completing the now near-mythical complete tome of Dolmenwood lore. Some info there:

  • Name: Dolmenwood Campaign Book
  • System: Old-school and 5e versions
  • Author: Gavin Norman (with contributions from Brian Richmond, Yves Geens, Greg Gorgonmilk, Jonathan Newell, Glynn Seal, Andrew Walter, etc.)
  • Cover art: Unknown
  • Interior art: Pauliina Hannuniemi and others (to be determined)
  • Format: A4 (roughly US Letter size), sewn-binding hardcover
  • Page count (estimated): 300-400 pages (proper chunky tome of ultimate lore!)
  • Kickstarter date (estimated): March 2020
  • Publication date: Unknown ... Autumn 2020?

The most immediate update on this book is that I've commissioned Pauliina Hannuniemi to do a series of twelve paintings for the section heading pages! Here's a mockup of how those will look. The featured art is by Pauliina, but it's the piece she did for Old-School Essentials, so not directly Dolmenwood-related. It gives an idea of how her style will look in the book, though. (The text is just placeholder content, as well, before anyone attempts to point out errors in it!)

Yeah, creamy paper. Yum.

I've not looked at the text of the book much recently and haven't actually done any work on it since earlier this year (pre-OSE), but I believe the text is probably somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters complete.

I have lots of ideas for the Kickstarter but don't want to reveal any of them just yet. I will of course do so once we're closer to the time, so keep your ears peeled for updates!


  1. Looking forward to the Dolmenwood campaign book, hopefully I'll order the correct system version this time ;)

    1. The safest way is to order one of every system. You can't go wrong that way ;)

  2. Excellent news! I'm particularly looking forward to a collected Tome!

    1. Beware that the Dolmenwood Campaign Book is not simply a collation of the previously published Wormskin issues. Content from Wormskin accounts for probably around 15% of the book.

  3. I'm SO excited to hear you're working on Dolmenwood again! I've got all the Wormskin zines and love them. My players and I have had a blast for the past few months in a campaign there. Shameful self-promotion: we've been keeping a campaign diary on my blog :P

  4. Will the text of The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell be reformated? (like in Winter Daughter/Hole in the Oak?)

    1. Yep, it'll be formatted and laid out in the same style as Winter's Daughter and The Hole in the Oak. I guess that's the Necrotic Gnome "house style" now :)

      By your use of the word "reformatted", I guess you're referring to the original version of The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell that was published by Psychedelic Fantasies in 2015. The new version of the adventure is a heavily revised, greatly expanded, deluxe production. It's also adapted to the Dolmenwood setting. It'll be a thing of beauty!

  5. How much of the Wormskin content will NOT reappear in the Dolmenwood campaign book?

    1. I guess about half of it. Nothing player-facing (e.g classes), none of the adventures, not all of the miscellaneous detail. The Campaign Book will be a lot more focused than the zine.