Some Saints of Dolmenwood

Work on the Dolmenwood Campaign Book continues apace! Today I have finished the write-ups for the 34 primary saints in Dolmenwood, each of which has a dedicated shrine or chapel somewhere within the forest (though many are now lost).

Here's a small sample:

St Abthius, Ever-Lustrous
Feast day: 22nd of Harchment
Associated spell: Resist cold
Major patronages: Ambassadors, righteous vengeance
Minor patronages: Courtly dances, seamstresses, springtime
Shrine: Hex 0406
Miracle: Abthius came to Dolmenwood at the command of King Thaldred II of Brackenwold, as an ambassador to the Cold Prince, who had newly returned his frigid gaze to the mortal world. Gaining an audience with the fairy court, the saint proceeded to preach the virtues of the One True God and His host of angels. The fairies responded only with jeers and mocking laughter, and their liege pointed his crystal wand at the saint, casting a spell of ice about him. The saint’s radiant beauty melted the fey frost, and he turned his back on the Prince, damning him to be vapourised in the flames of perdition.

St Cornice of the Angels
Feast day: 16th of Chysting
Associated spell: Insect swarm
Major patronages: Chastity, beetles
Minor patronages: Scullery maids
Shrine: Hex 1505
Miracle: As a maiden, Cornice worked scrubbing the kitchens of a cruel lord. The lord was accustomed to having his way with all of the scullery maids, but Cornice rebuffed his advances, quoting passages of scripture at him whenever he came near. One day, the lord cornered the saint-to-be in an isolated cellar and began to ravage her. Cornice bit the lord’s lower lip and tore it off, preserving her chastity, but was subsequently imprisoned for her insolence. In the dungeons, she whispered to the beetles that crawled across the floor, beseeching them in the name of the One True God to aid her. The insects obeyed, fetching ever more of their kind, until the cellars and dungeons of the lord’s castle were overrun. When the swarm encroached upon the lord’s bedchambers, he relented and had Cornice released.

St Eggort, the Troglodyte
Feast day: 28th of Lymevald
Associated spell: Continual light
Major patronages: Chandlers
Minor patronages: Undertakers
Shrine: Hex 0703
Miracle: Devoted his life to prayer in a minor chapel in the crypt of the monastery where he dwelt. Spending his days alone in the darkness, Eggort's devotion manifested, over many years, as a flickering glow upon the altar. This light grew and grew until, at the time of Eggort's death, the crypt was lit as bright as day, as if by the light of a thousand glimmering candles.

St Elsa, balm-gusher
Feast day: 19th of Grimvold
Associated spell: Commune
Major patronage: Floods, towers, and hunters of sea monsters
Minor patronage: Follies
Miracle: As the vicar of a small, coastal village called Hawksworth, Elsa had nightly visions of a great flood. Heeding this prophecy, she insisted that a high tower be built, with enough space to house the inhabitants of the village and their livestock. The project was regarded by many as a folly, but the saint's visions proved to be true when a great sea dragon, hunted by the famed knight Sir Willowthorn, was beached and slain at the village of Hawksworth, opening a sea bay which engulfed the village. To this day, the saint's tower is the sole surviving element of the original village.

As I mentioned above, each saint has a shrine or chapel in Dolmenwood. Here's my rough map showing which hex these shrines are located in:

Note: The marked location of the shrine of St Signis is wrong. It should be
in Castle Brackenwold.


  1. Are there still 100 (103?) saints overall as per the calendar/wormskin?

    1. The Campaign Book says that there are 100, but that 34 are primary.

  2. St Cornice isn't in the Calendar as far as I can see, so that's 104 saints, counting the three from the Wormskin footnotes :-)

    1. Aha interesting! I'll make sure everything's lined up properly when the book is finalised, including updating the calendar.