Dolmenwood Campaign Book: Progress Report

Image by Orioto

I made a short post about the Dolmenwood Campaign Book last year. Several months have passed since then, and work has continued. Some info:

  • The draft text now stands at just over 50,000 words.
  • Of the 184 hexes to be detailed on the campaign map, 90 have now been written up. This means we're almost exactly at the 50% mark, in terms of the hex descriptions.
  • I've been working with a group of writers who have trodden the paths of Dolmenwood: Brian Richmond (of the superb Goatman's Goblet blog), Andrew Walter (Wormskin illustrator supremo), Glynn Seal (author of the Midderlands campaign setting), and Kyle Hettinger (author of one of the Dolmenwood adventures-in-the-works).
  • I'm in contact with a few more writers, who will hopefully also be contributing some hex descriptions to the setting.
  • The book currently comes in at 128 pages. This is in a single-column, dumb layout, of course. But this indicates that it's going to be a very nice, chunky book when it's all finished! I'd anticipate a final page count of 190-256 pages.
  • A bit more info on my ideas for the physical book: hardcover, full size, full colour, lavishly illustrated, professionally edited, traditional print run (i.e. not print-on-demand), fancy production (sturdy binding, ribbons, etc). All to be determined, of course, but I want to go all out on making this a beautiful book.

And an update on the table of contents:

Part 1: Dolmenwood

  • Introduction
  • Themes
  • Sentient folk
    • Mortals
    • Fairies
    • Demi-Fey
  • Regions of Dolmenwood
  • The Otherwold
    • Fairy Dominions
    • Paths and Doors to Fairy
    • Ley Lines
    • The Witching Ring
  • History
  • The Brackenwold Calendar
  • Languages
  • Religion
  • Magic
    • Geomancy
    • Magic Items
  • Commerce
    • Banking
    • Merchants
    • Peddlers
    • The River Trade
  • Ecology
    • Flora
    • Fauna
    • Fungi
  • Comestibles
    • Food
    • Drink
    • Pipeweed
    • Psychedelics
  • Factions and Powers
  • Faction Relationships
  • Campaigns
  • Rumours and Quests
Part 2: Hex Descriptions

  1. Monsters of Dolmenwood
  2. New Spells
  3. Gunpowder Weapons


  1. As someone who is running a Midderlands LOTFP campaign--and has only just become aware of Dolmenwood via the Midderlands mention--I'm very interested in getting hold of a copy of this campaign when it comes out. Wising you all the best with it :)

    1. Thanks! The two settings should be very compatible. Dolmenwood describes a relatively small area (around 180 miles across) and is intended to be slotted into a larger campaign milieu (for example, the Midderlands). The world beyond Dolmenwood is intentionally not mentioned at all, making it easy to slot in wherever each DM should wish.

  2. Couple of questions, will the campaign book contain everything published in Wormskin so far and will Wormskin stop once this gets published?

    1. Nope, the Campaign Book will only contain the setting background for the referee and the hex descriptions. It won't contain the full monster write-ups (just simplified ones), character classes, mini adventures, random tables, rules for wilderness exploration, etc that have appeared in Wormskin. The eventual plan is for that stuff to be included and expanded in further books (a book of monsters, player's guide, etc).

      The plan for Wormskin, after the Campaign Book is finished, is for it to continue but obviously not contain any of the sort of info that's related to the setting background or hex descriptions.

  3. Good to know, as handy as it would be to have everything in one place I've grown kinda attached to my Wormskin collection and would hate to see it invalidated any time soon.

    1. Yeah, eventually everything will be complied into hardcover tomes -- Campaign Book, Monsters, Player's Guide, Referee's Guide (maybe even a Book of Settlements) -- but that's gonna be a few years yet, I guess! We'll see how the Campaign Book goes next year.

  4. Whoa! Just saw this post, and I'm very excited! I've been working on consolidating all of the Wormskin information into a web page for my personal use, and was planning on writing up the hexes myself as the project progresses. This would be fantastic!

    1. The series of Dolmenwood hardcovers has been planned from the very beginning, but I've only been seriously working towards it over the last six months or so. The plan is to finish writing the Campaign Book this year, then do a Kickstarter for production early next year.

      The cool thing is, if you've got your own hex write-ups as well, you can just combine them with the official ones when the book is out!

    2. By the way, if you feel like sharing any of your own hex write-ups, I'd love to see!

  5. Sounds Great! very much looking forward to this.

    Presumably you'll be doing a kick starter shout-out here / on google+ once it goes live?

    Probably a little early, but have you thought about any cool stretch Goals? (crosses fingers for miniatures!)

    1. Oh yes, there will be shout-outs on all conceivable platforms and as loud as possible, when this is ready to go live! ;)

      Planning for the KS hasn't really gone as far as any serious thoughts about stretch goals yet (beyond extra artwork, and fancy book features like ribbons). Miniatures would indeed be extremely cool! I guess it's just a case of how difficult it is to organise such things.

  6. I very much enjoy Dolemwood but this will be a great benefit. The zine format requires a bit more work to actually use for a campaign.