About the Dolmenwood Campaign Book

So I've mentioned this thing before called the Dolmenwood Campaign Book, but I realise that its exact nature has not been laid out particularly clearly. Here goes... a sort of general FAQ!

Is a weird fairy-tale hex-crawl setting for B/X (and pals), invented by myself and Greg Gorgonmilk. To date, all information on the setting has appeared in serialized (and somewhat randomized) form in the zine Wormskin.

Each issue of Wormskin details fairly arbitrarily selected aspects of the setting: player character classes, descriptions of clusters of hexes, new monsters, historical exposition, optional rules for forest hex crawling, and so on. By its nature, however, the zine does not reveal the setting in any logical order. It is, essentially, a partwork.

All issues of Wormskin are available here.

Dolmenwood Hardcovers
Since its inception, the plan for Dolmenwood has always been to release the setting in its finished form as a set of full-size hardcover books: a player's guide (with all the new classes), a book of hexes, a book of monsters, and so on. The vagaries of life have meant that the process of writing these books has not been forthcoming. Until now!

The Dolmenwood Campaign Book
Will be the first Dolmenwood hardcover to be published. It is currently being written, and is about 50% done.

What will this book contain?

  • Background information on the setting: the forest's history, the various sentient races that inhabit it, the magical energies that permeate it, etc.
  • Details on the various regions of Dolmenwood and their unique features.
  • Descriptions of the factions that lurk in the forest, their aims and goals, and how they relate to each other.
  • Descriptions of all 184 hexes on the campaign map.

When Will It Be Published?
The plan is to publish it in 2019. We're looking into doing a Kickstarter to get enough funding for a fancy print run and lush artwork. It's looking like the book will clock in at 180+ pages, once finished.

Will It Include Content That's Already Appeared In Wormskin?
Some of the content of the Campaign Book has already appeared in Wormskin. For example, about 50 of the 184 hexes have been described in the zine, and detailed articles on two factions have been published. All of this information will be collated in the Campaign Book, where it will be re-edited into a cohesive whole.

What Content Will It Include That's Not Appeared in Wormskin?
Absolutely loads of stuff. Wormksin has just scratched the surface, really. For starters, there'll be over 120 new hex descriptions. This will be a complete campaign setting, with a detailed, adventure-packed hex-crawl, and fully fleshed out background information. And it will all be organised in a logical fashion, naturally.

Will It Include All Content From Wormskin?
Anything that doesn't relate to the setting background and the hex descriptions will not be included in the Campaign Book. It will not contain any PC classes or adventures, for example.

Will Wormskin Continue?
Once the Campaign Book is published, yes, the plan is for Wormskin to continue. Its role will be somewhat different, as there will be no further articles with hex descriptions or setting background. I'd imagine the zine's focus switching to support materials like adventures, encounters, NPCs, and general setting ephemera.


  1. How do you have a monster book that is separate from this one? Or will there be an appendix for the important monsters in the described hexes?

    1. Good question! The plan is as follows:
      * The Campaign Book will (obviously) mention monsters, in the hex descriptions.
      * Monsters that only appear in a single hex will just be listed there.
      * Monsters that are important to the overall setting or that appear in several hexes will be listed in an appendix. (This will include things like the Drune, witches, elves, etc.)
      * All monsters in the Campaign Book will just be short, minimal listings.
      * The monsters that will appear in the Dolmenwood Monster Book will be much more detailed write-ups, including illustrations, extended background information, random features tables, etc.
      * The Monster Book will contain fully detailed write-ups of all the monsters that appear in the Campaign Book, plus loads more.

    2. Okay, so like your current B/X critter book for the Campaign Book and the monster book will be more like the Monstrous Manual.


  2. Is there any reason to buy the Wormskins that are available now (being that the campaign book will include that information as well)?

    1. Well, the Campaign Book won't include everything that's in the existing issues of Wormskin (see above). But it will be a far, far better guide to running games in Dolmenwood. If you're interested in a complete guide and don't mind waiting another 9 or so months, I'd say wait. If you like more piecemeal, miscellaneous setting materials, Wormskin might be worth picking up. The zine features quite a few mini adventures that won't be in the Campaign Book.

    2. I just love Wormskin as artefacts in their own right.. so I suggest you try one or two