Forthcoming Adventures in Dolmenwood

As I mentioned last year, there are several new adventures set in Dolmenwood in the works. My own adventure (the one about a fairy banquet, market, and ball) has unfortunately fallen by the wayside, as I've had to focus on other things. However, two other cats have come up with the goods. Here's what we have in the works.

(Both adventures are suitable for 1st - 2nd level adventurers, and are expected to come in at around 40-45 pages. To be published in digest-size print and PDF.)

The Fungus That Came To Blackeswell
By Yves Geens

What's that you say? Doesn't an adventure with that name already exist? Didn't Bryce Lynch write a glowing review of it and include it in his "the best" category? Why yes, you are correct! This adventure was published some years back as part of the Psychedelic Fantasies line. I read it at the time and it immediately shouted "this could be set in Dolmenwood!" to me. I suggested this to the author, Yves Geens, and he obliged by coming up with a new edition of the adventure, specifically set in Dolmenwood.

Check out Bryce's review of the original version of this adventure here.

Synopsis: An isolated village in the sodden lowlands of Dolmenwood is overrun by fungus of a wildly varied and nefarious nature. The inhabitants are reduced to either vicious fungal drones or cowering shut-ins. Can YOU save the day (should you care to)? How can YOU profit from the unfortunate situation (should this be your thing)?

Status: Draft layout almost finished. Play testing to begin soon.

The Wicked Child of Swynethorp
By Kyle Hettinger

Synopsis: A young lad, the son of a minor lord, has gone insane, running amok in the local village. Rewards are offered, doctors and priests are consulted, but none can figure out what ails the boy. The sinister truth will take adventurers into a strange mirror world, ruled by a fairy lordling dubbed The Prince of Looking Glasses. Can YOU restore the lad to sanity and claim the reward (should you care to)? How can YOU profit from the unfortunate situation (should this be your thing)?

Status: Draft layout in progress. Play testing to begin semi-soon.


  1. I was compiling some tables for Dolmenwood this morning and it occurred to me that St Abthius the Man-Carved and St Nanya don't have Saints days on the Calendar, have they been lost to history?

    1. Uh oh. Sounds like a consistency error to me! Could you remind me where those saints are mentioned?

  2. Certainly, St Abthius is a footnote on page 8 of issue 2, St Nanya is mentioned in the write up of 0609 - The Trothstone and the Owl Cave on page 19 of the same issue, the statue hidden in the cave is of her. Coincidently Nanya appears on the same page as St Howarth the Accursed.

    I had considered Nanya may have been left out because she was from a "neighbouring kingdom" but given St Abthius's fate I felt it a shame he didn't get a day :-)

    1. Ah yes, thanks! I'm compiling everything for the Campaign Book, which will be a great place to fix inconsistencies like this.