B/X Essentials: Monsters -- 70% of the way!

I've not written an update on the next B/X Essentials book (the book of monsters) in a while, but it's progressing slowly in the background. I've created a list of all the B/X monsters now, including sub-types: it comes in at 207 monsters. I've currently finished write-ups for 148 of them, so am around 70% of the way through.

The end is now coming vaguely into sight!

The work-in-progress document is shared online here.


  1. Serial numbers tastefully filed off as required. I never really processed the differences between Pirate and Buccaneers until now.

    1. Pirates and buccaneers: me neither. The mechanical differences are slight, but significant enough to make them separate "monsters". Historically, it seems there were other distinctions that were more significant (mercenaries for hire vs independent outlaws, basically), but that's not mentioned in B/X, so I couldn't add it to the descriptions. It's just implied by the alignment, I guess (neutral vs chaotic).