Wormskin issue eight out now in PDF!

  • The secrets of the witches of Dolmenwood -- The Sisters of the Chalice and the Moon.
  • Guidelines and charts for camping wild in the woods.
  • d30 generator for strange waters.
  • Monsters of the Wood: brainconk, jack-o'-lantern, ochre slime-hulk, pook morel, wronguncle.

If you just want the PDF, get it now at RPGNow! (Print + PDF bundle coming soon!)


  1. So what is next? B/X, wormskin 9, illusionists or something equally wondrous?

    1. The main thing I'm focusing on now is the weird science book for LotFP. The next B/X Essentials book (the monsters) is going along in the background. Wormskin 9 might be a while yet.