B/X Essentials: Cleric and Magic-User Spells: Cover!

(C) Illustration Andrew Walter
What can I say? The full, psychedelic majesty of Andrew Walter, unleashed.


  1. This looks great!

    How many books will there be total the B/X Essentials series?

    1. Thanks!

      The plan for the initial set of books (the pure B/X clone / rules reference) is five: 1: Core Rules, 2: Classes and Equipment, 3: Cleric and Magic-User Spells, 4: Monsters, 5: Adventures and Treasures.

      After that, I have lots of ideas for more books in the series (advanced character classes, for example), but whether I get to them depends on how well the series is selling and on whether I feel like writing more.

      (I'll add this answer to the B/X Essentials FAQ post: http://necrotic-gnome-productions.blogspot.de/2017/11/about-bx-essentials.html.)

    2. I for one would love to see you do a "The B/X Priest" and "The B/X Wizard" to go along with your previously published class expansions. I realize you'll be writing the new book for LotFP but I do hope you continue to riff on B/X.

    3. I can't imagine abandoning B/X, fear not!

      Actually, one of my ideas for a BXE book after the basic five is Character Options, which would be rules for character generation and advancement like those presented in the B/X Rogue and Warrior. The rules would apply to magic-users, clerics, and demi humans as well. We'll see.

    4. It's pretty high up on my "would love to do this" list. But yeah... I have a lot of things to finish before I can consider approaching things on that list ;)

  2. This is the best cover yet--can't wait to snatch it up for my table like I've done with the other ones!

  3. There are four ways to interpret the art. The human is using an undead/energy familiar to summon the beast; the "familiar" is actually draining the human to create the portal; the summoned creature is draining the human to empower the "familiar" to open the portal; it isn't a summoning at all but rather two way communication between a warlock and his patron (Contact Other Planes).

    I want it as a poster.