Dolmenwood Campaign Book

Since my last post, nearly two months ago, on the subject of the Dolmenwood hardcover books, I've been reconsidering my approach. My original plan was to finish and publish the book of monsters first. My new plan is to first publish a "campaign book" -- that is, a book for referees that describes the setting and lays out the contents of every single hex on the map.

Advantages of finishing the campaign book first:

  • I think it's more fundamental to the setting than the book of monsters. The campaign book is what allows people to seriously run Dolmenwood games. The book of monsters does not have that same impact.
  • It should be significantly cheaper to produce. To publish the book of monsters to the quality I desire will be an expensive undertaking -- full colour illustrations of 100+ monsters do not come cheap! The campaign book, on the other hand, will not be so illustration heavy (or at least will not require a certain minimum number of pieces), hence a more sensible choice for the first hardcover.
Here's a very rough table of contents, showing my ideas, at this stage, as to what the book will contain:

  • Introduction
  • Dolmenwood
    • Themes
    • People
      • Mortal races
      • Fairy races
  • History
  • Culture
    • Religion
    • The river trade
    • Merchants
    • Languages
    • etc...
  • Referee's Gazetteer
    • The High Wold
    • Castle Brackenwold
    • Lake Longmere
    • The ley lines and nodals
    • The Witching Ring and the Summerstones
    • The Valley of Wise Beasts
    • etc...
  • Factions
    • Drune
    • Witches
    • Atanuwe, King of the Wood
    • The Church
      • Saints
    • The Duchy of Brackenwold
      • Knights
    • Goatlords of the High Wold
    • Fairy Lords and Ladies
      • The Cold Prince
  • Other Powers
    • Big Chook / Gheillough
    • Ygraine
  • Faction relationship chart
  • Campaigns
    • Hex crawl sandbox
    • The return of the Cold Prince
    • War!
  • Hex Descriptions

Now, I can't claim that this is "coming soon", by any means. It'll take a lot of writing to finish it off (especially the hex descriptions), and I have other projects ahead of this in the pipeline. My hope is to get it finished in 2018, though.


  1. Looks good, will you be putting in some class description s in there too? Woodgrue and Dolmenwood elf?

    1. No, that stuff will come in a player's guide. The campaign book is purely referee stuff.

    2. The idea is that it's possible to play a Dolmenwood campaign without the special character classes, but it's not possible without the details that will appear in the campaign book. So I'm going for the most essential / fundamental thing first.

  2. Great decision. I will now anxiously await.

  3. Definitely looking forward to this. The Dolmenwood setting is so rich and distinctive it deserves such in-depth treatment.

  4. Can't wait to see this one. Might I suggest a large map, cloth for those willing to pay for it?

  5. Hello,
    where the post illustration comes from ? It's really nice...

    1. I'm afraid I was bad and just found a random image on google without trying to find out who the artist was and attribute them :(

    2. ok, no big deal, thanks for the quick answer.