B/X Essentials: Cleric and Magic-User Spells -- Draft Text Complete!

I'm delighted to announce that the draft text for the third B/X Essentials book, Cleric and Magic-User Spells, is complete!

The text is online at the link below:

Please have a look and feel free to point out any mistakes or inconsistencies with B/X that you may notice.

Reading through the B/X spell descriptions with this level of attention to detail has been a fascinating project for me. Firstly, I noticed that my latent concept of quite a few spells varied somewhat to their actual effects as written up in B/X. Secondly, I noticed a lot of differences between the spells as written in B/X and the versions in Labyrinth Lord. I've mentioned some of these differences along the way, but one that stood out in the writing of the last section (6th level MU spells):
  • The geas spell versus the clerical quest spell. In LL, these are identical. In B/X, they're actually pretty different.

Another little point of interest: I was amused to note that the control weather spell stipulates that water vessels may make a "saving throw against storms ... (see page X63)" when attacked by a tornado. Of course, X63 makes no mention of ships having special saving throw categories (though I do find that a pretty cool idea!). I agree with Dan Proctor that the best interpretation of this is that it refers to the 75% chance of a ship being broken up when trying to beach in a storm. (If anyone else has any better / alternative ideas, I'd be interested to hear them!)

Now, one final point for readers who have made it this far, through discussion of historical minutiae: I'm looking for proofreaders for the draft text. This is no ordinary "reading through looking for typos", though: what I need is people of a pedantic nature who are passionate about B/X and willing to read through what I've written and compare -- spell by spell -- with the spell write-ups in the original rules. B/X experts, rules lawyers, and wording pedants please apply! (Comment here or contact me on G+ or email.) In return for your assistance, you'll be credited in the book and will receive a free copy of the final, illustrated PDF.

As for myself, I'll soon be starting work on the fourth B/X Essentials book: Monsters and Treasures.


  1. I've always wanted this! Now I'll combine the first three doc's with some art and print it out as a compiled version B/X Player's Handbook to save my copies from use at the table. Thank you so much!

    1. It's my pleasure to provide this text to the old school gaming community! I hope it's useful to you.

      You may want to wait a bit for the text to be finalised. It's being proofread at the moment.

      I'm thinking about making an illustrated player's handbook too, by the way, once the spells book is laid out and finished.

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