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A new blog! A first post!

What better place than to discuss some of the projects that we have in the works.

B/X Essentials
Following on from the successful first book -- Core Rules -- I have a series of at least three more books in various stages of development:
  • Classes and Equipment: The second book in the series is completely written and laid out and is currently being illustrated by a set of talented individuals. I'm expecting the book to be published in early December. (The final draft text is online here. 100% Open Game Content, for those who like to play with rules.)
  • Cleric and Magic-User Spells: While I'm on hold awaiting a stream of wondrous illustrations for the second book, I've been continuing apace by writing the third book. This is currently about two-thirds finished: I've written up all of the cleric spells and just over half of the magic-user spells. The current draft text is online here. Any feedback anyone has at this stage would be most welcome! We're probably looking at next spring for publication.
  • Monsters and Treasures: The planned fourth book in the series, and the one that will make my clone of B/X complete. This book exists purely as a concept, at the moment, but I thought I'd mention it for the sake of completeness. If things continue apace, I guess this should be out around next summer.
  • B/X Essentials Compilation: The above books are being published as separate, staple-bound, softcover booklets. Personally, I love to have sets of little booklets and find having the rules split up like that more useful in running games. I know that some people prefer an all-in-one tome, though, so plan to provide both options. The all-in-one compilation will be published in soft and hardcover options, probably some time next summer.

To date, we have seven issues of the Dolmenwood zine, Wormskin, one mid-level, quite long adventure module, and several free setting aids. Check it out here. Work is also underway on the following things:
  • Wormskin issue 8: Is probably about 40% written. Planned contents include: an article on the witches of Dolmenwood, an article on camping in the forest, a d30 Strange Waters generator chart, a folio of fungal monsters that wander the woods. I'm aiming to release this in the winter.
  • The Book of Monsters: The first in the planned line of Dolmenwood hardcover books will be the monster manual. The plan is to have 100+ monsters in a hardcover tome, hopefully (funding permitting) each with an accompanying illustration. It's a big project, but writing is already about half way through, so this should manifest some time next year.
  • Low-level adventure number 1: A short adventure, suitable for beginning characters, based around a fairy banquet, ball, and market. Written by myself. The draft is about only half written, so this is still a way off from completion. I'll be looking for playtesters, at some point in the future.
  • Low-level adventure number 2: Another short adventure suitable for low-level characters, this time exploring a deathly pocket dimension that can be accessed via special portals in Dolmenwood. Written by an as-yet unannounced guest writer.
  • Low-level adventure number 3: Yes, we have three new Dolmenwood adventures in production! This one features copious amounts of fungi and is being written by another mystery guest writer.

Other Stuff...
I have approximately eight-thousand semi-finished projects and ideas for new projects, but won't get into any of those here. Just sticking to things that are seriously in the works.

There's one entry in the "other stuff" section, at present, but it's a project that I'm very excited about:
  • The Submerged Spire of Sarpedon the Shaper: This mid-level adventure featured in the (free) From the Vats vivimantic compendium, published a few years back. Written by Ben Laurence, the module describes the ruined, sub-aquatic laboratory of the arch-vivimancer, Sarpedon the Shaper. There are wondrous treasures to be looted and (naturally) an array of strange and hideous guardians -- leftovers of the long-dead wizard's research. The module was recently given a glowing review by Bryce Lynch and this inspired Ben and I to start working on a second edition of the adventure. The plan is to publish it as a standalone book (i.e. rather than as part of a compilation of themed material), fully illustrated, and with a greatly enhanced layout. More to come on this soon.

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