Dolmenwood: Sprites

A fun little Dolmenwood monster that I've just written up while working on the Book of Monsters. This one encompasses the standard B/X pixies and sprites and elaborates some more ideas along the same theme.

Sprite (Fairy)
HD: 1d4 hp*
AC: 3
Attacks: 1 × barbed dart (poison)
Move: 60’ (20’), flying: 120’ (40’)
Morale: 7

Number Appearing: 1-7: abroad (2d6), 8: lair (1d4 × 10)
Alignment: N
Intelligence: Mischievous
Size: T (1’ tall)
XP: 6
Languages: Woldish, Sylvan
Possessions: Pouch of darts, 1-in-4 chance of bag of salt
Hoard: U/VI (fairy)

Pesky, miniature, dragonfly-winged fairies that swarm the forest in hordes, causing mischief wherever they find the opportunity. They are inveterate thieves and delight in using their fairy magic to play pranks on mortals. Sprites are cowardly and try to avoid physical confrontations with bigger folk, typically fleeing if their pranks lead to violence. They are sometimes open to barter: providing secrets and reconnaissance from the local area in exchange for salt, honey, or resin. Sprites make their lairs in trees, either in nests upon high branches or inside cracks and woodpecker holes.

Some wicked beings (e.g. the Nag-Lord’s servants) hunt sprites and ferment their corpses to produce potions.

Poisoned darts: If angered, sprites may attack with the barbed darts they carry in their pouches. The poison on the darts causes irritation, swelling, and 1d3 hit points of damage.

There are eight, different coloured subspecies of sprite, each with its own magical ability:

  1. Red: Discord. A group of three red sprites can inspire intense feelings of jealousy, avarice, and bellicosity in a mortal within 20’. A save versus spells is allowed* to resist this effect, but one who fails will turn on his or her companions.
  2. Yellow: Invisibility. Yellow sprites can become invisible at will and can also attack while invisible. They always gain surprise and may not be attacked in the first round of combat. In subsequent rounds, they can be spotted by shadows and small shimmerings and attacked at a -2 penalty.
  3. Pink: Mimicry. Pink sprites can mimic any voice or other sound that they have heard.
  4. Green: Liminality. Green sprites exist in the liminal region that lies between the mortal world and the Otherwold. They are visible only in darkness (and then only as faint, glowing outlines) and are able to wriggle through solid barriers of less than 4 inches in thickness. They can only be harmed by magical weapons, but can only interact with the physical world in the feeblest way -- five sprites together could carry a cat. Their teasing, jeering voices can be heard perfectly clearly, however. Magicks such as detect invisible or reveal the liminal render them fully visible.
  5. Blue: Minor curses and pranks. Five blue sprites acting in unison may jinx another being within 30’, either causing a permanent, minor curse (e.g. high-pitched voice, long, rubbery nose) or an instantaneous prank (e.g. falling into a bog, dropping a weapon). A save versus spells is allowed to negate the effect*.
  6. Indigo: Glamour. Indigo sprites can veil themselves with illusions, appearing as mortals of otherworldly beauty. One who kisses a sprite thus glamoured falls instantly asleep. Any other form of touch dissolves the glamour.
  7. Purple: Hallucinations. Groups of five purple sprites may cause all mortals within 20’ to experience vivid hallucinations of their choosing. Treat as the phantasmal force spell, except that the illusion is only perceived by those within the affected area.
  8. Black: Control mortals. A group of three black sprites may cause a mortal within 20’ to perform an action of their choice. Sprites cannot cause people to attack, cast spells, or perform obviously suicidal actions, but may invoke any other action lasting one round or less. The victim may save versus spells to resist the involuntary action*.

* Someone who saves against a sprite’s magic is immune until dawn the next day.


  1. Rides a rainbow-hued dragonfly (AC 5, HD 1, Mv 180’ (60’), Att: None).
  2. Compound eyes and antennae.
  3. Speech is accompanied by a multitude of twittering giggles.
  4. Naked and hairless.
  5. Lumpy, warty flesh.
  6. Curly horns.

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